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The Full Story


My story begins in spring 2019, I was asked to be the maid of honor at my brother's wedding. Absolutely excited, I jumped on the opportunity to start planning. Needless did I know that this was the day that would awaken a passion in me to begin my own wedding design business.

As the future bride and I looked for décor items and linens to decorate the hall with, we quickly realized that the wedding industry is very expensive. With being on a budget, I sought out to make this wedding affordable for the couple. I soon found all their linens from a local distributor that was liquidating her stock, and began sourcing the other items needed.

Well after some time, I found everything she envisioned for her wedding day.

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We wanted to make the reception Pinterest perfect, so I created a beautiful backdrop with a faux wood panel and draping voile fabrics. I built from scratch a beautiful white arch and large silk flowers to be hung. The day before the wedding my family and I spent hours turning a small local hall into a magical wedding. With the constant rain that year, the plans of an outdoor ceremony were off the table, so we took the backdrop and arch and put them onto the hall dance floor and made it stunning. Fast forward to the wedding day, as the guests entered the hall to find their seats for the ceremony, the gasps and awes of the set up made my heart flutter and gave me butterflies. This was my design, my vision, my labor, and most of all these people were admiring my work.


From here it set in motion a passion to create my own wedding business, first it was just to rent out all the items I had purchased for my brother's wedding. But then there was a huge request for different colors, textures, different types of linens. In the first year my business was growing faster than I could've hoped for. Then all of a sudden I was getting requests to do full setups and tear downs, I thought to myself "Could this really be happening?" The reality of it was, Yes, Yes it was. So for my second year, I decided it was time to split the two businesses apart, have my linen rental business for those budget brides that require linen rentals, and a wedding design business to show case my talents.

With the support of my family, especially my husband, I have been able to continue to work on growing my business, my talents, my knowledge and skills to make my business thrive. I get to learn from experts in this trade on how to make myself better and how to meet the needs of each individual couple. I love being with couples that have a strong love for each other, a fondness for the mountain prairies and a desire to bring a little bit of country, a little bit of nature into their homes and especially their weddings.

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