Choose the style you'd like your napkins to be folded. If style is not chosen then the Flat Fold will be automatic. The tied up style will be an additional fee for the ribbon at 0.10 per napkin, if choosing this style please put in the comments what colour of ribbon and quantity of napkins.

Napkin Fold

PriceFrom C$0.25
  • All napkins are pressed to be table ready. They come folded and binned for easy transport.

  • PICKUP - Items will be folded in bins ready to be picked up, pick up availability can start 2 days before event date. 

    RETURN - Items are to be dried, preferrably lightly folded and placed in bins provided or bags. They are to be dried before packing up, returning of damp or wet tablecloths may result in mold and additional cleaning fees. Drop off can start on the 1-2 days after the event.