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At Country Chic Wedding Designs, our wedding designer will work together to create and personalize the most beautiful wedding. 

We are the behind the scene team that will pull it altogether for a smooth wedding. We will communicate with the couple preparing to tie the knot, clarify requests, understand the couple's vision, and turn the ideas into a reality. We will coordinate in getting your décor, rentals, linens and flowers to minimize the stress of the event day. Our team will be there to setup your décor and tear it all down, we will help oversee that everything is placed exactly where it needs to be to create a stunning vision.


Congratulations you've gotten engaged, and now your planning your wedding. 

Many questions are going through your heads on what vendors do I need, what type of budgets should I be working with and where can I save money.

Many couples believe that the décor is where they can save money by doing it themselves, what most couples don't realize is how much prep work, planning and resources are needed to create those Pinterest style photos.

That's where we come in, we will work with you to ensure that your dream wedding is brought to life for you, without all the work on your end.

Our team will work with you to create a budget and stay within that budget to ensure that your wedding is affordable, without any unwanted surprises, well at least not from us.

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We are Wedding Designers, we help you develop the overall design of your wedding and also provide the florals and decorative items needed to bring it to life.

Decorative items include Drapery, linens, chargers, and other rental items.

We are not event planners and we outsource lighting, flooring or staging to third party companies.


How do I know if I can afford a designer and/or decorator? Well base it on your wants, needs, style and guest count.

Every wedding is unique and pricing varies based on wedding location, date, guest count, design aesthetic and many other factors.

Our average décor budget ranges from $50 - $150 / per guest, this is including place setting, décor and florals.

So know your style, and know what type of vision you expect to see for your wedding day.

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PACKAGE - $2500

• Complimentary consultation with the couple.

• Unlimited email communication

• Designing of your wedding.

• Floral Designing Service

• Decor styling

• Floor layouts

• Obtaining Rentals, etc. (Price does not include price of rentals or florals)

• Full decorating setup and teardown of up to 100 in attendance (fee will increase with additional guests)

• Wedding locations walk through with onsite coordinator/manager and bridal couple.


Let's have a chat and discuss your wedding décor plans,

During the consultation we will discuss your budget, location, date, and décor style.

We will also discuss what we can provide for services, rentals, and décor pieces.

Before your consultation

I want you to think of 3 words to describe what you want to see your ceremony as. 

For example: Garden, modern & classic


Garden - outdoor look with lots of flowers & greenery, 

Modern - Clean lines, modern chairs

Classic - White furniture, white flowers

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Each package is tailored to every couple, we don't have a set price.  You set the budget and we will work within your it, whether a smaller budget or a larger budget we will tailor your package to ensure your wedding is still perfect with what you've set your budget is.

Want to start the designing process, fill out our Wedding Questionnaire.

We look forward to working with you.

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